I been spoiling myself lately, I been fucking my tight pussy, till it’s a stretched out one. Lately I been wanting to experiment with food. Like whip cream, strawberries, the sexy food you see in porn.

So I went to the shop, purchased strawberries,whip cream, chocolate sauce, and vanilla coke.

I got home, went to my room, laid in my bed. I put on a lacey red dress with no bra or thongs on.

My pussy was freshly shaved, so I grab that whip cream, and spurted it on my pussy. Getting my fingers in it I licked off the whip cream.

With my pussu juices it tasted awesome, then I put that chocolate sauce on my nipples, I can suck on my nipples a bit so I was able to lick it off.

I ate a strawberry while I fingered my pussy, then I grabbed that vanilla coke and shook it and sprayed it against my pussy, it was so much fun and I squirted hard. The cold soda felt like a nice jizz on me.

Then I went to the shower, cleaned up and came again with my detachable shower head. I felt so sexy and nice.

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