I’m a 39-year-old teacher in a high school in Appalachia. Several years ago I was married and we were lucky enough to have a son we named Sam. Then I became single (not going into why). After a few months of crawling inside a bottle I decided to get my shit together and focus all of my efforts on being a decent human being and spend all of my time and effort to do the best job I can to raise my son. He’s now in 8th grade (7th grade during this story). I’m six feet tall about 175 pounds. I’m in good shape.

My school works with a (somewhat) local university. Each semester they send us a few student teachers. For those who don’t know, whenever you finish up an education degree, you don’t spend much time as a student the last semester. The school sets you up in a teaching position in the area you will be certified in to practice actual teaching. If you are worth anything at all, it’s highly stressful and extremely time consuming because it’s really a semester long job interview that can make or break you.

Last year on a Monday morning in the middle of January I was sitting at my desk before the students arrived preparing for my day. The guy who teaches math next door walked in to introduce me to Taylor, his student teacher for the semester. I was absolutely blown away. I had to stop myself from laughing because she was such a smoke show. Describing her is easy. She looks very much like a young [Erin Heatherton.](https://imgur.com/a/bkgD4#dfbctw3) Freckles and all. I shook her hand and chatted. I asked what high school she went to, where she lives, what her commute will be like, etc.

The next day, I saw her standing outside her classroom waiting for her mentor teacher to arrive to unlock the door. Since I’m a coach and need to get into the school on weekends, I have a master key. I opened the classroom door for her and said that I’m usually in my classroom early and to stop by if she gets there before her mentor.

So most mornings she’d pop in early and I would walk over and open the door up for her and we’d small talk about whatever. My initial impressions of Taylor were that she was very intelligent and organized. And she was always incredibly dressed. At some point in the first few weeks of our small talk I learned that Taylor was a tutor at her university’s student help center (or whatever you call it), and that she’s been tutoring math since she was in high school herself.

One night in February I was trying to help my incredibly pissed off son with his math homework. If you’ve ever coached your own children, you’ve inevitably had the thought, “this kid just isn’t listening to me, someone else has to tell him this.” I realized he needed a tutor. Since he walked from his middle school to the high school to ride home with me, I figured I’d ask Taylor to tutor him after school and then we’d just go home afterwards.

The next morning, I asked her if she was interested in tutoring my son, what she charges, etc. She said she wanted to help and was flattered that I asked her, but she was really busy with teaching and let her think about it. Later in the day she said she could make it work and tutor him, but she could only do it on Saturdays. I said that was fine and asked, “Where do you want to meet? Where do you usually tutor?” She said, “I usually just come to the person’s house. Is that ok?” I was fine with that but a little horny that she was going to be in my house, but pissed I had to clean the house. When she arrived at my door, came inside, and took off her coat, I was blown away. She was wearing extremely tight jeans with holes and an even tighter white t-shirt and I could see her pink bra through the shirt. And she smelled incredible. I’d only ever seen her professionally dressed, and this laid back look turned me on immediately. I tried not to stare as I sent her to the kitchen table where she sat with with my very annoyed at me son.

As she started to work with him, I walked out into the garage, cracked open a beer, and sat down. I couldn’t be in the room with her. I’m sure she caught me looking everywhere but her eyes a few times. After her time was up, I went back into the house. Taylor and my son were in the living room where I have my enormous DVD collection. I guy I know used to run the local movie rental place and when it shut down, he let me take whatever I wanted for free. So I pretty much took one of everything. “What’s your favorite movie” she asked and my son picked out Stand by Me. She said it’s been so long since she’s seen it she can’t even remember it. So I offered for her to borrow it and she took it with her when she left.

So that became the routine through March and into April. Taylor would come to my house most Saturday afternoons and take home a movie or two. I learned a lot about her. She has an older sister who she talks about all the time. She had a very conservative Christian upbringing and she sings. And she always showed up at my house looking amazing, like she wanted to torture me. Because I was always horny as hell when she was asking for a movie recommendation, I’d usually pick something with some hot sex scenes hoping she’d read into it. Then a few weeks before her teaching assignment was over she borrowed Brokeback Mountain, and we ended up having [this conversation about it.](https://imgur.com/a/gmBJ4BW)

As I expected, she had the same white dress and green heels on the following Monday. She walked in to my classroom that morning and we both laughed. She joked about randomly dressing that way and it wasn’t planned at all. That afternoon, I was grabbing a cup of coffee in the faculty lounge and she was in there. It was just me and her in the room. As she walked by me to exit the room just smiled and left. I wasn’t going to give her the satisfaction of bringing up her outfit.

That evening I got a text from her: “I bet I know what you’re doing tonight!!” It actually pissed me off. Here’s a girl that has said multiple times that she’s not banging before marriage, yet she wants to tease me. I didn’t know what type of game she wanted to play so I just ignored the text. So I pretty much kept interactions with her to a minimum, although she did some other things that could be called teasing.

Coincidentally, our schedules conflicted with tutoring and she was busy with graduation and looking for a job so she kind of just slipped out of my life. I hugged her on her last day of teaching and wished her luck and said for her to let me know if and when she gets offered a full time job. I figured if I ever heard from her again I’d take my chance or at least call her bluff.

I got the text from Taylor in the middle of June that she got a job. I called her and told her congratulations and that I wanted to take her out to dinner to celebrate and I wanted to hear all about it. She said it sounded like fun and we set a date and time. I then asked her if she was alone, and she said she was. I said, “Sam will be at his grandparents all that weekend so then after dinner we will come back to my place and spend the night in my bed.” There was a long pause and she asked if I was joking. “No I’m not joking at all. Taylor, I think you want to have sex with someone to actually know what it feels like, but you don’t want a guy bragging about it. I’m saying I can provide that opportunity.” After a pause of about 15 seconds all she said was, “Let me think about it” and she hung up the phone. The next day, I got a text from her. It simply said, “OK,” and I didn’t even reply.

Dinner went well. She seemed relaxed and [dressed to kill.](http://i.imgur.com/YstHJxH.jpg) On the ride home she reached over and held my hand, so I thought things were looking good. We got to my place and I poured a couple glasses of wine. I really wasn’t in the mood for waiting a few more hours to see if this was going to work out. When she went over to the glasses of wine and was looking at the bottle, I walked up behind her and put my hands around her waist and whispered something in her ear about how hot she looked.

She turned around and we began to make out. It was kind of awkward at first but we got a good rhythm flowing as I slowly began to work my hands over her body. Her ass was so toned and I could already feel her nipples getting hard through her dress. We slowly worked our way back the hall way and into my bedroom. We sat down on the bed and continued to make out. I placed her hand on the growing erection in my pants. And that’s when she started to clam up and slowly pull away from me. She said, “Hey how about those glasses of wine?” and left the room. I sat there confused for a few seconds and then joined her in the kitchen. She started to apologize and I suggested we go out back on the deck to get some fresh air. At this point, I figured it wasn’t going to happen.

“I’m sorry,” she said a little flushed. “When I felt your dick, I thought ‘holy shit this is actually happening’ and I freaked out a little.” “It’s no big deal,” I replied. “Let’s just enjoy some wine and cool down.” So we sat there outside as the sun went down for a few minutes in silence. Taylor finished her glass of wine with a big drink and walked inside. I assumed she was getting a refill and would be back out shortly. After about 5 minutes, I went in the house to figure out what she was doing and I called her name. There was no reply. When I got to the hallway, my jaw dropped. There in the middle of the hallway was her dress, and a few feet past it was a black thong. I walked into my bedroom and she was under the covers of my bed smiling, completely naked. “Well I guess it’s too late for me to back out now, I’m in a little too deep. You better join me before I get my clothes back on.” I quickly complied—hastily ripping off all my clothes and joining her under the covers.

This time our kissing was much more intense. I moved from her lips to her neck and down to such on her perfectly shaped and hard nipples. My hands moved all over her body–cupping her breasts, moving on down passed her toned stomach and finally to her freshly shaved pussy. I stuck a finger inside and she moaned. She was soaking wet. I really wanted to get into some serious foreplay and I wanted a blowjob in the worst way, but I was rock hard and I figured I’m not here for the previews so I better get the main event. I climbed on top of her, positioned myself, our eyes locked, and slowly slid into her. As I slowed pushed myself in and out, I told her how good she felt and other dirty things. I was trying to get her to talk dirty, but she was just moaning lightly every once in a while.

I finally started asking her to say something dirty, tell me how it feels as I kissed her neck nibbled her ear. She finally said, “harder.” “What? I asked. She said, “Fuck me harder.” Now I have never heard this girl really ever swear, and now she saying “Fuck me harder.” I almost blew it right there. So I started pounding into her a little harder, definitely not crazy, but I picked up the pace quite a bit. After a minute or so of that, I asked if this is what she meant. She, very loud this time said, “Fuck me harder, use me!” So I really started to use some force and was breaking a sweat at this point. She was starting to really get into it more, letter herself go and live in the moment. And I was really slamming into hard and fast so I would have to take breaks for a few seconds so I didn’t blow my load.

Once again, she asked for it harder and faster. I pulled her to the edge of my bed so I could stand up and fuck her while she was lying on her back. My balls slapped against her ass as I held her legs in the air and watched her tits bounce up and down. And then it happened. She started gripping the sheets and screaming like a porn star, “I’m cumming, I’m cumming, I’m cumming!!!!!” I have no idea how I was able to last that long and when she seemed to calm down I pulled out of her exhausted and hoping she would let me cum on her tits or stomach or some hot place. She got on all fours on the bed and said, “Can we try doggystyle?” I climbed back into the bed and entered her now completely broke-in pussy. I love doggystyle and knew I wouldn’t last so I reached down and grabbed her hair. I pulled her hair and she moaned and just moaned “yes” over and over.

I told her I was going to cum and asked her where she wanted it. “Cum as deep inside me as you can” she shockingly replied. I laid her back down for some more missionary, so I could do exactly as she wanted. She spread her legs wide and used her one foot to pull me into her. [Similar to this](https://gfycat.com/fluffysilkyafricanmolesnake) When I finally came I held myself inside of her. As my ropes started to fill inside of her she started to cum again but this time with little wimpers. I could actually feel her pussy pulsing on the tip of my dick, as if it was trying to suck it dry.

When I stared to soften I pulled out and laid beside her. I was shocked that she let me cum inside her. I also thought it was the hottest thing ever so I asked her about and if she was on birth control. She said she overheard me talking to her mentor teacher when he was thinking about getting a vasectomy and came to me for advice. I told him about the procedure but had no idea she was eavesdropping. That combined with her sister telling her how much of a turn on it was when her and her husband quit using condoms is pretty much how I got laid. As we laid there, I said, “Next time you’re on top and I’m cumming somewhere else.” “Deal”

***Yes, of course this is not the actual conversation. I made it using a stupid program online. I did it because I wanted to switch it up and it was a tribute to the awesome saga of the guy with the big dick with the hot cousin. I wish he would come out of hiding and tell some more stories.

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