I’m a 23 F, I havent slept with a lot of people, but the time I fucked someone was months ago and it was hot. I still think of it.

He is 6’0, slender, smooth pale skin,8 inch uncut cock. I’m a 23 female, pale with red short hair and a fat thick body and shaved pussy.

We start by going on a date at my house, we watch a chick flick, hes bored and looks at me and tells me I’m beautiful, he starts pushing his lips onto mine. Our lips danced and tasted each other. He wrapped me in his big arms in a tight cuddle.

Then I felt his erection on my skirt, his Jean’s was pointed up so much, his breath became hot.

He picked me up and pushed me on my bed. “I’m fucking you tonight” he growled. And oh my God was I wet.

We took our clothes off, his cock springing out hard , and my pussy so fragile and wet. My nipples hurt from how hard they was.

He pulled my thighs apart and licked my clit in motions so slowly I felt like I was there for a eternity. My juices got all over his face sloppily .

Then he pushed that long, wet tongue in me and I squirted right on his mouth he said I tasted like candy.

“Suck my cock you sexy bitch” I got on my knees he said that. And licked that long cock like a lollipop, he moaned and told me to bend over.

We fucked in doggy style, my pussy stretched out as he fit so good in me. My juices got all over him, he smacked my fat ass so good I had red marks on me.

I got so loud the neighbors called me to see if I was okay cause they heard my moans.

My God I was a total cum slut that night.

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