A little background, my GF new about my fetish for being naked outside. not so much streaking in public, but being naked in places i wasn’t supposed to be, driving naked, etc. Surprisingly, she was ok with it. She didn’t necessarily encourage it, but she just wanted me to be safe and not get caught.

Anyway, one evening it was unseasonably warm – about 75 degrees. She had my car and I was able to, unexpectedly, get off work for early. I had been horny all day and decided I wanted some naked fun and to see how far she would go, so I texted her to come get me (she had my car) and to wear “something loose.”

She picked me up wearing a zip up sweater and a wrap around towel around her waist held with velcro – and nothing else. Fantastic.

She knew of my naked habits existed for years before I met her, so I told her I wanted to take her to some of my favorite streaking places. Again, surprisingly, she was completely in for the adventure!

We went to an old neighborhood I used to live in. We walked some old paths I used to streak, but I used to do them completely naked at 2 a.m. This was around 1000 so there were plenty more people around. At one point I said, “unzip your sweater and just let it hang.” Her perfect breasts came into view and I instantly got an amazing erection seeing her almost half naked in public. I think she could tell as she just smiled and said “I’m actually ok with this…”

We continued along my favorite path until we got near to the car and I said “that’s it, i’m going for it” and stripped naked. She was slightly amazed that i was doing it, but only because it was in a well lit parking lot and so early in the evening.

Of course, someone came walking into the parking lot, forcing me to dress and get into the car. She said “where to?” with a cute grin on her face and I told her a nearby park where I used to walk naked late at night all the time.

The whole way to the park I’ve got my cock out and she’s stroking me as she drives while i reach under the towel dress and massage her thigh and tickle near her pussy.

We get to the park and, although it’s dark, there’s a couple of other cars in the parking lot. I convince her to go on a walk with me and we head into the park. As soon as we are out of the view of the parking lot i say “I’m going for it” and strip completely naked. My GF just looks at me with a mixture of “ok” because she knows I love this and desire to be naked to.

She walks up to me and gives me a passionate kiss while stroking my cock a little. I look at her and say “ready for this?” while i unzip her sweater and take it completely off, leaving her topless and wearing only a thin, towel skirt.

Her nipples are instantly hard and, seeing me complete naked and erect, she says “I want to be completely naked too, but I’m nervous!!” I walk up to her, kiss her deeply, and rip off her towel skirt leaving her completely naked.

the look on her face is something difficult to describe. it was a mixture of “what are you doing?!” with amazement that she was naked and enjoyment that she was naked all at the same time.

We continued walking into the park, both completely naked under the stars. I would pinch her nippled and she would stroke my cock periodically. At some point she wandered off the trail and pushed me towards the ground. I laid her towel skirt on the ground as she twirled around saying “I just feel so free!!” (yes it sounds cheesy, yes it’s true). Seeing me laying on her towel and with a raging hard cock she looked at me with that desire in her eyes that we all know.

She climbed on top of me and started riding me like it was her first time. To be fair, I was so nervous about being caught completely naked having sex in a public park that I was focused on looking around and not being seen. She had no such concerns and gave herself over to the moment. she was in a perfect position to rub her clit on my pubic bone while she rode my hard cock and she came really quick.

after she came we decided to start walking back towards the car to not push our luck with not being caught. Along the way I decided that I hadn’t cum yet and that I really, really, needed to, so I pulled off the path – very close to the parking lot – and bent her over a nearby picnic table.

Something about the moment, having just had passionate sex on the side of a grassy hill under the stars, and now on a picnic table. She unzipped her sweater to pinch her nipples as I grabbed her waist with both hands and really gave her all I had. She came again, although a little quietly because we were so close to the parking lot, and as I felt the surge of my orgasm coming I pulled out of her and shot a tremendous load all over the picnic area.

We quickly re-dressed, got in the car, and hauled ass out of there in case anyone saw the second round at the picnic table. It was an amazing experience and something we’ve never duplicated despite the number of times she has ridden in the car naked with me. 😉

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