The other day, I was reading a post of gonewildstories, that *supposedly* told the story of a girl, using the man’s locker room. And I say supposedly because it didn’t sound real at all.

So I thought I could share my story. When I was 19, I played in a male hockey team. Why? I was studying in a university in a remote area and because there I was the only girl really interested in hockey, I got an exception and was allowed to join the male team.

There were really three types of locker rooms experience:

1. The arena had more than *two* locker rooms. In that case, I would have one all for myself. I would dress, shower and I would be allowed in the male’s locker room just before the game to hear the coach’s speech and after everybody had showered and dressed to participate to the debrief. It’s roughly 20% of the arena I’ve played in.
2. I would have to share the same locker room as my team. But showers were individually divided. That meant no nudity (and sexist jokes) were allowed. *(The coach was really strict about it!)* It’s roughly 30% of the arena I’ve played in.
3. I would have to share the same locker room as my team. But it only had one communal shower, with no divider. Again. No nudity. That would mean that the guys would have to shower in boxers. And I would shower in my sport’s bra/shorts. And people would swap clothes in the bathrooms.

And to be honest. It never felt weird. My teammates, the coach and his assistant were really respectful to me.

But… This is gonewildstories. You’re probably thinking: “Is there any *wild* and raunchy story that ever happened in those two years?” Well… Yes! But not in the locker rooms… in *hotel rooms*!

Our college had a policy. If we had to drive more than four hours, we would sleep overnight before doing the trip back home.

The coach was really lax and only set three very basic rules: No alcohol, no drugs and no complains. The other thing is that while four guys had to share a room… I had a room all for myself. In my first year, for the second half of the hockey season, my (secret) boyfriend was also part of the team and he would sneak into my room and we would make love, sleep with me, and he would sneak back to his room just before breakfast.

The wildest thing that happened… was a threesome. One night, I had two guys in my room. They were both flirting with me. I started to have sex with one of them a few minutes while the other was watching… Then, they swapped places. And finally, I ended up spit roasted on the bed.

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